IMPORTANT: Quabel will be shutting down Nov 27th, 2015, as we don't have the time to maintain this project any more. Please make sure to download your writings until then.

Writing made easy.

Use writing goals and focus on your writings. Quabel is a distraction-free writing app that lives in your browser.


Focus on your writings - all styling comes later.

Writing goals

Streamline your efforts by working towards writing goals.

Access from anywhere

Synchronozation and offline mode make life so much easier.

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Distraction-free Writing Experience

Clean, straight-forward user interface that let's you concentrate better. We removed all the cutter, so it's just you and your text.

Writing goals

Set goals and increase your performance. Streamline your efforts by working towards writing goals.

Microsoft Word Import and Export

Simply drag and drop any .docx file to Quabel. When you are ready, export to Word, PDF, or one-click publish to web.

Simple Formatting

Format your text with simple commands and stay focused. For advanced writers: Yep, we support Markdown!

Privacy Made in Germany

Your data is yours and stays yours. In addition, all your writings are protected by German data privacy law.

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