Frequently Asked Questions

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Will Quabel always be free?

The basic version of Quabel is free and always will be. You can buy a premium account to enjoy infinite document space and additional features.

Are my documents safe and secure?

All traffic on Quabel runs over SSL/HTTPS. This is the same secure protocol used by banks. In addition, all our servers are located in Germany, so all your writings are protected by German data privacy law.

Are my documents private?

We don't want you to get a surprise that you've shared something you intended to keep private. We'll never share anything unless you explicitly opt-in. In addition, your data is yours. We do not claim any rights on it.

Quabel is great, but I miss one feature.

Please, let us know! Shoot us an email to We can't guarantee to implement it but you'll get at least a response. We promise.

I found a Problem or a Bug.

If you found a bug, are having problems with your account, or are experiencing crashes, please email us at Please include the browser, operating system and any errors. Cheers.

Tell me about data portability.

Your data is yours. If you ever want to stop using Quabel, you should be able to download your data. To export your documents, simply open the publish menu and make use of the export options.

How do I delete my account?

Write us an email to and we'll delete your account for you.

I have an infrequently asked question!

We'd love to hear it at